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Spring 2010  News from Pittsford Historical Society

Eaton HallMuseum Hours:
Tues: 9 am–4 pm; Apr. 6 – Nov. 16;
Located in Eaton Hall, 3399 US Route 7.
Address mail to:
PO Box 423, Pittsford, VT   05763
(802) 483-2040

President: Robert Welch 483-9539
Vice-President: Ellen Garneau 483-4330
Treasurer: Barbara Poljacik 483-6604
Recording Secretary: Rebecca Davenport 483-6531
Corresponding Secretary: Jane Welch 483-9539
Trustees: Ernest & Melanie Clerihew 483-6871;
Edward Keith, Sr. 483-6411
Immediate Past President: Peggy Armitage 483-2108
Curator: Anne Pelkey 483-6178
Membership: Doris Hoare 483-6470
Newsletter Editor: Peggy Armitage 483-2108. peggy.armitage@gmail.com

Membership News

Balanced Budget

Barbara Poljacik reports that we balanced our 2009 budget, thanks in large part to townspeople who approved a $4,052 appropriation at Town Meeting, and to St. Alphonsus Church and the Lothrop School for giving us space at their holiday fairs.

Sales of our books, "Around Pittsford" and "Pittsford's Second Century, 1872-1997," totaled over $3,600, replenishing the fund earmarked for future publications. The books are available at the Town Office, Maclure Library, Kamuda's Market, Wooden Barrel store in Chittenden, or by calling Barbara Poljacik, 483-6604. The price of the hard cover "Pittsford's Second Century" is $30.00 plus $3.50 postage. The soft cover "Around Pittsford" is $21.99 plus $3.50 postage.


Trustee Ed Keith Sr. reports that Eaton Hall's parking lot will be repaved in the spring, thanks in part to several generous members. (Ed is still accepting contributions.)
Bob and Jane Welch finished indexing and making 3 copies of more than 200 questionnaires that were returned to Dr. A.M. Caverly in 1872 as he prepared to publish the first Town History. The copies are available for research in the Museum's family files. The originals will be preserved without further handling.

Joyce (Bates) Daniels gave 77 more heirlooms from her Bates/Brigham/Warner ancestors.
Last year's popular new exhibit of Pittsford people's clothing and accessories will continue on view in 2010. Congratulations to two members, Joe and Laurie Kamuda, now celebrating 70 years in business as Kamuda's Country Market in Pittsford. Joe's parents built the store and ran it from 1939 to 1953. Since 1953 Joe and Laurie have expanded to include a very popular deli.

Thanks to Those Who Volunteer!Pine Hill in Proctor -left- from the Village, w elm tree -center- and Herrick Mountain beyond
In addition to Anne Pelkey's volunteer helpers Barb Poljacik, Rebecca Davenport, Carol Aldrich, Betty Atwood, Jane Orvis and Bob and Jane Welch, these members volunteered as Sunday afternoon museum hosts last summer and fall: Clyde & Marie Walton, Harold & Mary Patch, Lois Blittersdorf, Kay Killoran, Betty Atwood, Anne Pelkey, Emerson & Jocelyn Frost, Jean Davies, Bill Powers, Ivy Dixon, Lucie Anderson, and Dave Sargent.

This year, please call Peggy Armitage about spending just 3 hours of one Sunday afternoon showing the exhibits and family files to visitors from all over the U.S. and Canada. We'll team you with an experienced member, show you the ropes in advance. You'll have a ball!

Junior Historical Club Formed
On Friday, January 22, recently retired elementary teacher and Society Trustee Melanie Clerihew launched a new club for Lothrop Elementary School students in grades 3 and 4. Ten boys signed up for the Junior Historical Club, one of many the children can choose to join.
They meet at school every other Friday afternoon through May, using our museum resources as they develop their own projects. They could be the nucleus of another generation of PHS members!

Moving Day for "Pittsford's Second Century"
Harold and Jessica Anderson kindly offered space in their barn to store the remaining copies of "Pittsford's Second Century, 1872-1997," after we were asked to move them out of the Town Offices. The barn is secure, clean, dry and conveniently close to Eaton Hall. Moving day will take place in March or April, with Otter Valley Union High School student volunteers making the task much easier for our (aging) members.


The Society welcomes new members: David and Judith Petrie, Greg Sharrow, Bob Hooker, Charles and Micha McCuin, David Blittersdorf, and Margaret Boothby.
Membership in the Society extends over a calendar year. Your dues support the annual operating expenses of Eaton Hall. Please send your check, payable to Pittsford Historical Society to: Doris Hoare, PO Box 187, Pittsford, VT 05763. We thank you for your continued support.


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