Pittsford Historical Society


Bill Powers Memorial Day Speech 2010 (recorded by Ken Lizotte)



Champlain Festival Pageant players, 1959.

L-R, rear: J. Fitzpatrick, I. Willard, P. Armitage, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Albrecht, Rev. L. Durgin, D. Chapman;
front: P. Armitage, B. Bareham. Click picture for larger graphic (350 seconds over 28.8 kbs)

Pittsford's Second Century - The Book


Gathering for their annual family photo, the Pentkowski's have endured the growing years that make Pittsford's history so colorful. Click on picture for very large graphic display of this photo.(340 seconds download @ 28.800 kbs.)

Josef and Julia Pentkowski family, ca. 1930. L-R: Theodore, Julia, Joseph
Mitchell, Josef, Chester; Sophia, Jennie, Irene, Fanny, Betty, Eva.

Pittsford's Second Century - The Book

Massive Head-On Collision Just East of Florence 3 Corners.

Picnickers watch Rutland Railway crews untangle a head on wreck South of
Pittsford's RR Station, 1902.